Whitehall farms,LLC 

Located in Fairfax County near Clifton, VA, the 205+ acres of Whitehall Farms, LLC offers picturesque woodlands filled with local wildlife, forested streams, and rolling pasture.

To help address the growing demand among Northern Virginia’s population for local, sustainably produced food products, Whitehall Farms, LLC will seek to produce a variety of high-quality farm products including fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meat, eggs, honey, and firewood. Key components of the farm plan include:

• Selling these products at a farm store to be located on the farm,

• Conducting educational tours and other agritourism events to allow students and customers to enjoy the farm setting, learn how the food is produced, and why responsibly grown farm products are an important step towards improving the environmental and social impacts of our food choices.

• Hiring and supporting military veterans whenever possible.

• Other goals of the project include increasing access to products from other local agricultural operations, and testing various techniques for composting, silvopasture, crop-rotation, companion planting, etc.

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  • Utilize sustainable growing methods that:
    • Improve our soil with the use of compost, organic mulches, cover crops, and minimal tilling;
    • Minimize the impact on local ecology by limiting erosion, avoiding excess fertilizers, maintaining riparian buffers, and leaving large tracts of the farm property as wildlife habitat;
    • Limit the use of pesticides by utilizing crop rotation, companion planting, encouraging natural predators, and using only pesticides approved for organic production when necessary.

  • Practice animal husbandry that avoids inhumane conditions, promotes animal health, and limits the use of unnecessary medications.

  • Avoid the use of genetically modified seeds and other products both on the farm and in the market.

  • Our employees are our most important assets, and working conditions will be designed to maintain their safety and well-being.

"Dude, where's my herd?"

In 1916, at the age of 14, Martin Vazquez left his parents and 17 siblings in Cuba and came to the US. He quickly became a U.S. citizen, and served in the US Army during WWII. After the war, he married Sarah Lee Jamison and together they started Arlington Insulation.  At the time, heating oil cost $.09 a gallon and there were no building codes, so convincing home builders to install insulation required salesmanship of the highest order. The Vazquez’s bought land with every dime they could save, and their biggest purchase was the 200+ acres of Whitehall Farm in 1960-61. They called Whitehall their home until their deaths. The Vazquez' daughter Nadine, her husband Jeff, and their son Jeremy hope to honor Martin and Lee by preserving Whitehall as open space within an increasingly crowded Fairfax County.

How we farm

Gaddy - Farm Rescue


The Farm team

​Slick & Fionnha - Farm Rescues​

Whitehall's history

Jeff: In the mid-eighties, Jeff’s first exposure to farming was helping with the herd of Angus cattle that the Vazquez’s had for decades. In addition to managing the business, Jeff is in charge of rebuilding the infrastructure of the farm, keeping the machinery running, helping with the care of the animals, and occasionally helping with the crops.

Nadine: Farm Owner, Nadine grew up at Whitehall since  1960 when her family acquired it. Always surrounded by a herd of Angus cattle, dairy cows, goats, dogs, and horses, Nadine is an animal lover who wants to keep the farm property preserved for her family and community.  

Amy: Our educator- bio coming soon. Please email educator@whitehall.farm to reach her. 

We also have a number of volunteers and part time team members.

Jeff Waters - Business Owner


Whitehall's future

Nadine Vazquez - Farm Owner