Whitehall farms,LLC 

Do you want to Support Whitehall Farm? Check out our Friends of Whitehall program:

In our never ending quest to fund our farming operation and keep it moving forward, we are launching new program called Friends of Whitehall (I wanted to call it Supporters of Whitehall because I though the acronym was funny, but was overruled by the adults). 
With your $250.00 annual membership, you will receive the following discounts and benefits:

• Free admission for 4 to our spring and fall festivals. A $96.00 value.
• A 10% discount on any purchase from the market. The more you spend, the more you save. Does not apply to our CSA shares.
• 10% discount on location use fees, such as picnics or birthday parties.
• The use of our new 1.5 mile nature walk during the hours our market is open. It runs from the market into the woods, and back through the Sycamore field and wagon road. You will be able to say hi to the animals anytime you make the walk. Sorry, no pets or bikes and some restrictions will apply.

We can customize a plan for your company’s or organization’s employees.

The money raised will be used for:
• Fencing our new corn maze field. It will allow Josh to grow more veggies.
• Getting our pigs into a new and much larger area.
• More laying hens.
• Much needed mature spreader and other implements.
• The construction of a small pavilion for family or company gatherings.
• The purchase of a food trailer so we can provide farm to table food on site.

Please contact the farm through info@whitehall.farm or 703-968-3900 to join.

As always, we appreciate the wonderful support that our customers have shown to us. It has been truly amazing. We hope to be able to be here for a long, long time with your help.
Thank you,
Jeff Waters

PS: If you can provide other financial support for our cause, please contact me at jeff@whitehall.farm.