Whitehall farms,LLC 

We proudly carry Veteran Compost products:

  • potting soil
  • compost
  • worm castings

Spring and Summer Market Hours: 

Open Wednesday- Friday 11am- 7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 11am-5pm


Many of these farm products will take time to establish and will be supplemented with products from other local agricultural and food operations.  This will provide our customers with additional variety and help support other local businesses. 

Products from Other Local Farms & Businesses:

Products Currently from the Farm:

(Changing daily!)

  • chicken eggs
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • tomatoes
  • basil
  • corn
  • cabbage
  • green beans
  • cucumbers- coming in slowly
  • squash 

  Purchase farm-fresh products directly from our seasonal market.​

The Market at Whitehall Farm